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Israeli National Team Pitcher Signs with Blue Sox

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By- Bryan Scoffield, Staff Writer


UTICA, N.Y.– The Utica Blue Sox announced the signing of Itai Spinoza on Thursday.


The Fayetteville native, who is also a member of the Israeli National Baseball Team, is one of the few players who are close to Utica already, so spending the summer there is not going to be something to stress about.


Spinoza is a talented left handed pitcher who currently plays at Elon University. The freshman was actually scouted to play for Utica during his high school years and remained in contact with the Blue Sox. When the time came to find a summer ball team he knew now was the time to come to Utica.


“Meeting everyone, learning their stories, and being able to play the game I love alongside of them, that’s the greatest part of it for me”.


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