By Mark Mitchell │ Utica Blue Sox Media Relations Assistant


The Utica Blue Sox are gearing up for another campaign on the diamond this summer, but there is a lot of work that has to be done before that first pitch is thrown. With that comes alot of long nights, teamwork and a solid plan to be successful. Guiding that ship is returning Head Coach and Utica native Doug Delett. Delett is motivated, hungry, and ready to get Blue Sox baseball rolling again. 


“I believe we have a strong and very knowledgeable coaching staff ready to teach and develop these players so they can return to campus in the fall as a better overall players,” Delett said. “We are here to help these players get to the next level.”


In Delett’s first year as head coach of the Blue Sox in 2019, he led the program to a Western Division regular season title with a 30-14 record on the season. Delett also guided a league-high seven Blue Sox to a PGCBL All-Star Game appearance.


“We executed our plan last year winning the division,”  Delett said. “Getting to see a player take our coaching and apply it to his game and be successful is what coaching to me is all about.”


How does a coach build off a first place finish after a inaugural season as head coach? Well it starts with the staff, scouting, and building off the momentum from year one. 


“Running a tighter ship and being more organized on all levels is a priority,” Delett said. “This program is young and growing fast.”


The Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League allows players to keep the grind going after their collegiate season ends. Baseball is a game that can humble the best of the best on any given day. 


Delett expressed how Blue Sox pitcher Ray Pacella, who is currently playing at Marshall University, “Lit it up” in his first year on the bump. Pacella had three wins and one loss during the 2019 season, while totaling 48 innings pitched, 47 strikeouts, and a league-best 1.12 ERA on the season. 


Another player who Delett has his eyes on is sophomore pitcher Bradley Tuttle from Coppin State College. Tuttle is returning from a successful 2019 season with the Blue Sox. Tuttle pitched in 17 games, struck out 46 batters, and posted a 4.70 ERA. The righty finished the season with two wins coming out of the bullpen.


“Tuttle will be returning and we’re excited to see him have another solid year,” Delett said.


At the end of the year a coach will look back on the year and assess what worked, what didn’t work, and where improvements can be made in every aspect of the program. 


“I have to step up my game to be the best teacher and coach in the league,” Delett said. “The number one priority is the players getting better when they leave us at the end of the summer and number two is making the program better as a whole.”