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Blue Sox Announce Utica University Athletic Trainer as Addition to 2022 Staff

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By Gabe Howe, Staff Writer

UTICA, NY–The Utica Blue Sox announced this week that Millford, PA Utica University Athletic trainer Joann Zazula is the newest addition to the Blue Sox staff for 2022.


Zazula made it a point to say this would be somewhat of a new experience for her, despite being a trainer for basketball teams and other sports across Pennsylvania. She mentioned that she is still “very new to New York”, having spent most of her life thus far in Pennsylvania. This puts her in a similar situation to most of Utica’s incoming players for the season, as many have said they have little to no knowledge or experience concerning Utica and the surrounding area. 


While she will be a trainer with the Blue Sox this summer, she is also a trainer with the Men’s Soccer, Women’s Ice Hockey, and Softball teams at Utica University. She said she is very much enjoying her time there, stating that she “loves the Division III atmosphere.” A similarly intense atmosphere will undoubtedly be present at Murnane this summer, so she should be right at home in that sense. She also made abundantly clear she is excited for the opportunity to be with the Sox, citing “networking and other opportunities” as plus points in terms of what she is looking forward to this summer.


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