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Blue Sox Announce Thurman as Next Addition to Their Summer 2022 Roster

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By Gabe Howe, Staff Writer

UTICA, NY–The Utica Blue Sox announced this week that Southside, MI and Wayne State University pitcher David Thurman is the newest addition to the Utica roster for the summer.


Thurman, a sophomore at Wayne State, feels that he finally found a permanent place on the baseball field. That is the pitcher’s mound. He said that throughout his earlier career, “he played all different positions” and felt “most comfortable and confident” as a pitcher. 


Thurman also spoke on the move to Utica from his home, saying that Utica would be “the furthest away from home he had ever lived.” He feels, however, that it is only “another obstacle to overcome.”


Thurman also made his excitement for the upcoming season clear, noting how he was excited for a new start in a new place. He said he was looking forward to playing in a “home stadium” at last, with the COVID-19 pandemic taking that opportunity away from him both in high school and at Wayne State for a time. Thurman said that Blue Sox fans can expect a “consistent, hard-working winner” on and off the field. 


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