By Gabe Howe, Staff Writer

UTICA, NY–The Utica Blue Sox announced this week that Willard, MO and Jefferson College LHP Dalen Stewart is the next player to join the growing list of players on the Blue Sox roster.


Stewart, a freshman at Jefferson, always felt his place on the diamond was the pitcher’s mound. “It was kind of my plan all along. I also couldn’t hit too well, so a certain point came where I shifted my focus completely to pitching. My coaches pushed me in that direction also, and I just let it work out.” 


Left-handed pitchers always prove a unique challenge for batters, but Stewart’s handedness case is a special one. On this, he said, “It’s pretty strange; I’ll throw left-handed, kick right-footed, write right-handed, shoot a basketball right-handed, it’s pretty all over the place.”


Stewart also touched on the move to Utica from his home, saying that he, like so many other Sox already added this year, had little to no experience or knowledge of New York before committing to play with Utica. He also hinted at a potential advantage he has over some others; that being arriving in Utica with his Jefferson teammate and friend Jacob Roettgen. “We’re actually pretty good buddies, having him there will definitely make the transition easier for both of us.”


Dalen also made evident his eagerness for the summer, saying that he was looking forward to “playing with and against a bunch of different great players from around the nation”, and was humbled by the “opportunity to get to do this, because not many people do.” Stewart also touched on his playstyle, saying that he “likes to work quickly on the mound”, also noting that “If I land a pitch where it needs to be, you’re gonna know it landed there, I get excited and love to get the team going that way.”  Fans can expect “consistency” and “a good time at the ballpark” when he is in the game this season.. 


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