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Blue Sox Add Roettgen to 2022 Roster

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By Gabe Howe, Staff Writer 

UTICA, NY–The Utica Blue Sox announced this week that Holts Summit, MO and Jefferson College LHP Jacob Roettgen will be joining the Utica Blue Sox for his summer baseball endeavors.


Roettgen, a freshman at Jefferson, wasn’t always touted as a pitcher. On the subject, he noted, “When I was younger, I played a lot of outfield, I’m left-handed so I wasn’t the best in the infield. One day, my coach came up to me and asked me if I wanted to pitch, so I started pitching, and fell in love with it. Basically I’ve been throwing the ball as hard as I can ever since.” 

Roettgen also touched on the move to Utica from Jefferson, stating he was looking forward to the “experience of New York”, as he has never been to the Empire State or Utica previously. 


Roettgen also made clear his excitement to get the season started, thanking the Blue Sox for the “opportunity to show what I can do.” Blue Sox fans should be excited about his arrival, as Roettgen believes he brings a unique attitude to the pitcher’s mound. He described himself as a “quiet” and “stoic” pitcher that “just gets the job done”. He also noted that fans should expect “a big, strong leftie that can win some ball games.”


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