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Andrew Davino, Head coach, has recently made a move from the Boonville Baseball Team to the Utica Blue Sox staff. This transfer has created a buzz in the baseball world, as Davino was a key coach for the Boonville team and contributed greatly to their success.

Davino, who is known for his exceptional coaching skills and knowledge of the game, will now join the Utica Blue Sox staff as a hitting coach. The move is a big step forward in his coaching career, and he is excited to work with a talented group of players.

The Utica Blue Sox are one of the strongest teams in the league and are known for their winning culture. With Davino joining the coaching staff, the team is expected to elevate their performance and compete for the championship. Davino’s expertise and experience will provide valuable insight to the players and help them improve their hitting skills.

The Boonville Baseball Team and their fans are sad to see Davino go, but they wish him all the best in his new role. Davino’s transfer to the Utica Blue Sox staff is a testament to his commitment to the sport and his dedication to helping young players develop their skills.

Andrew Davino’s transfer to the Utica Blue Sox staff is a significant event in the baseball world. The team is poised for great success with his arrival, and fans can expect to see some exciting performances in the upcoming season.

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